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★★★★★ "I found my place in this app!”★★★★★ "It shows all the info you need”
★★★★★ "This app is easy and intuitive. Good, reliable content.”
1st-ranked real estate app in Korea, Zigbang!- The winner of 2015 Best of the best brand awards- The winner of 2014 Korea mobile app award
▶ Zigbang is one-shot solution.
Looking for your studio apartment, one-bedroom flat, two-bedroom flat for rent in Korea? Try the dedicated rentals app, Zigbang. Zigbang’s 1st-ranked real estate app in instantly shows you a map for rent. With our simple-to-use filters, you can find real estate listings that match your specific search criteria.
✓ Photo slides: View vivid images of studio apartments, one-bedroom studio, two-bedroom studio and more.
✓ Custom Searches: See homes sorted by filters like subway station, area, price, house layout.
▶ Reliable Zigbang’s clean campaign
✓ Clean feedback: Let us get your feedback of conversation with real estate agent.
✓ Compensation system: We compensate cash and cleaning tools if you tripped up by misleading information.
✓ Zigbang agent: We check every images for giving you truthful contents also go out to take pictures.

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